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How to convert your website to SSL for Free

I was very doubtful to learn of the new offering by CloudFlare SSL and actually procratenated on installing it until yesterday. How the heck can they offer SSL for Free without having to install certificates? Since Google ranks SSLbased sites higher than non https sites it was time to make the switch. The nice thing about this excercise I have several different website configurations: Static Website built on Foundation, Ghost, and Wordpress just to cover all the bases. Cloud Flare offers serveral different levels of SSL

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How to hide your Wordpress Login page

It appears the amount of Brute Force password attacks is increasing exponentially lately. Several of my Wordpress sites have been getting hammered almost daily without fail. Previously, we discussed how to secure your Wordpress site.  But hackers are getting clever and we must stay in front of the ball in order to keep from getting knocked out of the game. After some investigation of what I could do to block would be hackers from attacking my site I went through a list of possibilities.  Add another

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vCloud Networking Security Best Practices

vCloud networking is often overlooked when considering security best practices. However, networking architecture has a lot of aspects to consider. By creating Internal Organization Networks (ION), External Organization Networks (EON), vApp Networks, and Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) this enables the administrator to separate servers based on role or application. By using a mix of both ION’s, EON’s, vApp networks, and DMZ’s enables a network design that allows for the most secure and logical network by separating server roles and applications. Figure 1 illustrates the

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The Broken American Credit Card System

As everyone by now has heard about the Target Credit Card hacking scandal which netted the thieves upwards of 100 Million Credit Card numbers. My friends and I have discussed the broken and outdated American Credit Card System. How can the American Credit Card system be so far behind the rest of the world we always ask? We also know a handful of people each that have had their Credit Card information stolen one way or another. It is hard to imagine such a data breach

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Secure your Wordpress site before it is too late

Well it came as a shock to me to get a hacking notification from my current hosting provider InMotion Hosting when I tried to login to my other site  hocked on one hand as this is not a real active site and I only update this site every now and then.  Why in the world would someone want to hack this site? Well whatever the reason I quickly realised how vulnerable my site is and someone out in cyberspace was trying to Brute Force

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