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2015 in Review and Goals for 2016

As I look back on 2014 year in review/2015 Goals post I'm quite happy with what I've accomplished. However not a goal or accomplishment, the birth of our son Flynn was the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. Everything else pales in comparison when looking back at this year. It is always such a great feeling to see that you followed through on certain goals and what you need to work on for the coming year. 2015 in Review Ride the Zugerberg Classic Mountain Bike

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The Amazing Advancements in Mountain Bikes

When I moved to Switzerland back in 2010 I purchased a Rocky Mountain Instinct full suspension Mountain Bike. Since moving to Switzerland I've really been riding as much as I can as I really love the sport and the people that I ride with. My journey with Mountain Biking started a long time ago. However after a lot of group rides and a couple races it was time to upgrade. The Rock Machine Instinct was a great bike to get me back in the game and

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2014 in Review and Goals for 2015

Wow what a year 2014 was. It had many up's and down's but had a lot of great accomplishments and moments. I'm happy to have completed so many goals this year but I want to continue my progress in 2015. My ToDo list for 2015 is big and and quite venturesome. 2014 in Review One of my goals for 2014 was moving all of my websites to Digital Ocean. This was probably the start of many other projects I undertook. I am still really happy with

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My life journey with Mountain Biking

I started off with BMX bikes and tried to perform every jump or trick I could think of.  At the ripe ol age of 10 I received my first Mountain Bike and never looked back. Growing up in Arizona I used to mountain bike in the desert surrounding our house with rocky hills, to river washes, and going up north to the high country on the weekends to ride in the forest. I loved the ability to ride where you wanted and be able to go

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