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5 Tips to Blog Smarter, not Harder

I started blogging seriously back in 2007. My first successful blog was a motorcycle blog that I intended to write primarily about my motorcycle rides and projects. The blog 2WheelTuesday which was recently deleted morphed into something much greater. It actually morphed into a small business. I learned a lot along the way. I managed writers, worked with advertisers, social media, and most importantly wrote almost daily. I celebrated some really big wins and attracted a large following. The amount of content created and being the

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Great Day to Be Alive

Playing American Football growing up I had a coach which was a bit looney. Actually, all of my coaches were a bit crazy but this one was king of the crazies. Before the start of every practice he would yell at the top of his lungs "It's a Great Day to Be Alive in Phoenix, Arizona". He did this regardless of the near surface of the sun like summer temperatures Arizona produce while the entire team would moan in dismay. He would enthusiastically bounce around practice

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Time to Make Something

I'm going through a internal battle of what project I should start next. I've tried all the tricks of making short lists, pro/con comparisons and just about every other trick available. Time to close all my open apps and just Make Something. Don't fall prey to startup media hype. You don't need a Billion Dollar market to launch a product. It's possible to find niche markets everywhere. The only thing holding you back is you. Don't throw money at big markets and if's. Build products

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Stop Getting Distracted and Get Shit Done

It’s getting harder and harder to dedicate myself to a single project. With the overwhelming amount of information that is thrown at me daily via Facebook, Twitter, email, Hacker News and just about all cool projects on GitHub. How does one have the dedication and determination not to look and work on other projects when so many interesting ideas and projects are presented to you daily? As is with the big red button. It is so tempting to push the red button just to see

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How to create your Success Definition

I've been looking in all the wrong places when trying to find and be successful when in fact it is all around me. The first thing that used to come to mind when defining success is financial success, entrepreneurship, or fame i.e. being a movie star or athlete. Below is the short definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary. What stands out is the first definition which quickly correlates success with wealth or fame which maybe why everyone quickly makes this association. But this doesn't mean this is

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Resuscitating my Morning Routine

My morning routine probably sounds like most people. Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, drink lot's of coffee, consume Twitter and FB feeds until I have to make a mad dash out the door. I really felt my morning routine was just a waste of energy and time and I should just teleport directly to work. I tried a couple things but couldn't break my routine. My previous morning routine can easily be summed up like "Fred the Baker" from the 1980's Dunkin' Donuts commercials.

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