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Monitor your GitHub Repos with Docker and Prometheus

GitHub is full of great code, information, and interesting statistics. GitHub repositories are full of statistics that make perfect candidates to graph with Grafana. The best way to graph this data is of course with Docker and Prometheus. Prometheus contains an impressive list of Exporters. These Exporters range from APIs to IoT. They can also integrate with Prometheus and Grafana which produce some beautiful graphs. Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana My base setup for anything monitoring related is the Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana stack. This is the

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Containerize Everything

I discover new software daily. Hacker News headlines, Product Hunt, or during conversations are some avenues of discovery. My curiosity wants to install and test everything. This is neither feasible or manageable for you or your computer's sake. Would you install 10 new software packages on your primary computer every week? Likely not. Installing so much software will cause conflicts, complete organizational chaos, and performance issues. Needless to say, your Network Administrator will be jumping through the roof. What if I told you that you could

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The Insiders Guide to Docker Serverless

The word Serverless plants a seed in our mind without knowing what it actually is. Are you visualizing empty data centers? Does Serverless mean we are abstracting servers from our infrastructure? Of course not. So what is Serverless and what benefit does it provide? Before answering the Serverless question we need to understand what started the Serverless trend. Amazon announced their Lambda service back in November 2014 which ignited the Serverless buzz. AWS's Lambda is a Functions as a Service (FaaS) or snippets of code designed

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It's a Docker Pull Frenzy

This is a follow-up article on the metrics that were gathered after creating the article Track Docker Hub Metrics and the attention that this gained. I was completely floored when I witnessed the growth rate and how many pulls were actually occurring on the different repositories per hour/day. Let's take a look what's going on. What is a Docker Pull? I'm glad you asked. A Docker Pull is, in essence, a download of an image from the Docker Hub. When a docker run command is

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How to Track Docker Hub Metrics

I'm quite fascinated with the growth in which we have witnessed with Docker. We have seen in 3 years Docker achieve over 6 Billion Pulls (Yes Billion with a B) in September. Amazing! A pull is essentially a download of a Docker image (Ubuntu, Redis, nginx, etc) from Docker Hub. My curiosity started when I started exploring various images on Docker Hub for a project. I clicked on Explore within Docker Hub and this is where my curiosity jumped up and grabbed hold of me. Within

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No More Ugly Upgrades

Gone are the days I used to sit in front of a green screen sweating with fear as a cursor blinked in front of me. The upgrade command seemed to wrap several times around the screen with so many flags, switches and built in hacks that we use to play rock-paper-scissors to see who would hit the enter key and be ultimately responsible for the upgrade. Finally, we used to place a book on the spacebar to prevent the upgrade from going idle during the upgrade

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