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How to install and configure CoreOS inside VMware

I'm working on building a my own Cloud Platform based on Docker and CoreOS. Howerver my underlying infrastrucutre is VMware vCloud which is not exactly straight forward in comparison to Amazon EC2 or Digital Ocean when installing CoreOS. VMWare has a really nice CoreOS tutorial but it is lacking the CoreOS network configurations. So this small tutuorial will help you get get static networking running in no time. But most of the details can be found in the CoreOS Tutorial. Where to find a CoreOS OVA

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vCloud ISO Images Appear with Question Marks

<--This issue drove me nuts this week. Someone uploaded a bunch of ISO images with vCloud Director 5.5. The ISO's images uploaded fine but some images appeared as normal and others appeared as icons with a question mark that are unmountable on VM's. WTF? So I tried a couple things. I noticed that the ISO images were missing the .iso file extension. I tried renaming the ISO images through vCloud. No Love! How to fix Unknown ISO files in vCloud In order to fix

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vCloud Networking Security Best Practices

vCloud networking is often overlooked when considering security best practices. However, networking architecture has a lot of aspects to consider. By creating Internal Organization Networks (ION), External Organization Networks (EON), vApp Networks, and Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) this enables the administrator to separate servers based on role or application. By using a mix of both ION’s, EON’s, vApp networks, and DMZ’s enables a network design that allows for the most secure and logical network by separating server roles and applications. Figure 1 illustrates the

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