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What I've learned about living in Europe so far...

Moving from Las Vegas to a tiny village outside of Amsterdam called Hoofddorp was quite a shock.  After spending the last days I mean weeks hitting all my favorite bars and clubs in Las Vegas with my buddies before I flew to the Netherlands. I arrived in Netherlands at my hotel on a Saturday night and got settled in. After taking a shower I thought I would take a stroll around town and see what was happening. Still rocking my American style with a big fat

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My life journey with Mountain Biking

I started off with BMX bikes and tried to perform every jump or trick I could think of.  At the ripe ol age of 10 I received my first Mountain Bike and never looked back. Growing up in Arizona I used to mountain bike in the desert surrounding our house with rocky hills, to river washes, and going up north to the high country on the weekends to ride in the forest. I loved the ability to ride where you wanted and be able to go

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