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How to create your Success Definition

I've been looking in all the wrong places when trying to find and be successful when in fact it is all around me. The first thing that used to come to mind when defining success is financial success, entrepreneurship, or fame i.e. being a movie star or athlete. Below is the short definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary. What stands out is the first definition which quickly correlates success with wealth or fame which maybe why everyone quickly makes this association. But this doesn't mean this is

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Ban PowerPoint before it Kills our Creativity

Over time PowerPoint has become the de facto application that is used at meetings around the world regardless of which topic or meeting format. However once a PowerPoint presentation is presented at a meeting the meeting turns from bi-directional to a broadcast communication format. PowerPoint is killing discussions and open communication in meetings. Instead we have all turned into Slide zombies that read slides together. How did we get here? Well I'm not taking anything away from Powerpoint and actually I'm just as guilty as everyone

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Resuscitating my Morning Routine

My morning routine probably sounds like most people. Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, drink lot's of coffee, consume Twitter and FB feeds until I have to make a mad dash out the door. I really felt my morning routine was just a waste of energy and time and I should just teleport directly to work. I tried a couple things but couldn't break my routine. My previous morning routine can easily be summed up like "Fred the Baker" from the 1980's Dunkin' Donuts commercials.

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My Mom's World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

So it has come to be somewhat of a tradition that my mom has started.  It started off as a kid I would love Chocolate Chip Cookies from Double Tree Hotel in Phoenix next to her work. Well my Mom found this Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe which she has been using since I was just a young lad. When I went away to the Military at 18 she would send me care packages with the World Famous Chocolate Chip cookies. I kept requesting these care packages

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