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Monitor your GitHub Repos with Docker and Prometheus

GitHub is full of great code, information, and interesting statistics. GitHub repositories are full of statistics that make perfect candidates to graph with Grafana. The best way to graph this data is of course with Docker and Prometheus. Prometheus contains an impressive list of Exporters. These Exporters range from APIs to IoT. They can also integrate with Prometheus and Grafana which produce some beautiful graphs. Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana My base setup for anything monitoring related is the Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana stack. This is the

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How to Track Docker Hub Metrics

I'm quite fascinated with the growth in which we have witnessed with Docker. We have seen in 3 years Docker achieve over 6 Billion Pulls (Yes Billion with a B) in September. Amazing! A pull is essentially a download of a Docker image (Ubuntu, Redis, nginx, etc) from Docker Hub. My curiosity started when I started exploring various images on Docker Hub for a project. I clicked on Explore within Docker Hub and this is where my curiosity jumped up and grabbed hold of me. Within

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Updated: Docker Monitoring Prometheus + Grafana

It's been almost a year since I started the initial Docker Monitoring project. This project then spawned off into a Docker Prometheus stack shortly after when I discovered the cAdvisor integration. A year is a long time in Open Source Software (OSS) projects. I like to think that OSS projects are measured in dog years as 1 year seems like much longer when looking back on all the versions. Reflecting back to my first commit of the project a lot has changed and improved with Prometheus,

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How to setup Prometheus Docker Monitoring

Continuing with the great response from the Docker Monitoring post. I am following up by investigating the setup of Prometheus. I first discovered Prometheus while making some changes to the cAdvisor documentation and noticed that cAdvisor now integrates with Prometheus. So what is Prometheus? Prometheus was a solution created by SoundCloud (Yes, that SoundCloud). As current Docker monitoring solutions were not scratching their itch they decided to roll their own solution to suit their needs. Thankfully SoundCloud decided to Open Source Prometheus back in January 2015

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How to setup Docker Monitoring

Docker monitoring of servers and containers is becoming necessary the more Docker hosts and containers we provision. This tutorial will walk you through how to glue together several different components in order to achieve Docker monitoring. Components for Docker Monitoring First things first. We assume that Docker is installed, configured, and running on your host before we begin. Please ensure you can connect to your Docker host with a Web Browser either locally or over a Public IP. The rest of the Tutorial we will refer

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