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How to Resize Ubuntu Root Partition

I used to be able to do these tasks with my eyes closed with AIX and other version of Linux and Unix. Today my brain blue screened on me while trying to expand my Ubuntu machine's root volume group, logical volume, and filesystem. Wow it's been awhile. So instead of racking my brain in the future I will jot down the process here for anyone else stuck in the same situation. How to expand Ubuntu root filesystem So a quick recap for those that don't remember.

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How to Recover your Root Ubuntu Password

So I changed my Ubuntu password via my Cloud interface and next thing I know my Ubuntu password didn't take and the old one was some randomly generated password from my Ubuntu template. Shit! So how do you recover a root Ubuntu password? Well the trick I learned is only applicable to people who can reboot the Linux machine and view the GRUB menu on start-up. If this is you then by golly you are also in luck. The example below drops into the root shell

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