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5 Tips to Blog Smarter, not Harder

I started blogging seriously back in 2007. My first successful blog was a motorcycle blog that I intended to write primarily about my motorcycle rides and projects. The blog 2WheelTuesday which was recently deleted morphed into something much greater. It actually morphed into a small business. I learned a lot along the way. I managed writers, worked with advertisers, social media, and most importantly wrote almost daily. I celebrated some really big wins and attracted a large following. The amount of content created and being the

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My Docker Powered Ghost Blog Handled Hacker News Front Page

Life tends to sit in the corner waiting to catch you off guard. Much like my infant son, he waits till I'm out of arms reach to try one of his kamikaze moves ending 9 times out of 10 in a face plant. However, my Docker powered Ghost Blog was ready for the challenge. Recently, My Docker Alpine Post went quasi viral in the tech news universe. The post was submitted by a random person to Hacker News and then the story proceeded to the Top

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Upgrading Docker Containers running Ghost CMS

The next step with Ghost The Ghost crew released a new version of the Ghost CMS system which is 0.5.3. This release includes some nice to have features seen below. So the next question is how difficult is it to upgrade Ghost while running on Docker? Well it is so simple I had to go back and check twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. Upgrading Docker Container to Ghost 0.5.3 Since Ghost is a maintained image in the Docker Repository

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Migrating Wordpress to a Load Balanced Ghost Docker

I am always stiving to be different and play with new technologies. So what is the next step? Well since Docker is the hot topic and I am keen to learn more so I decided to dive in head first. This site is hosted with Digital Ocean on an Ubuntu droplet with NGINX and Wordpress on top. Nothing quite out of the ordinary besides making it a multi-site Wordpress with NGINX. The Mission Build a Docker based system that is load balanced behind a

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