About Brian Christner

Brian Christner

I would describe myself as a technologist, motorcycle junkie, traveler, and all around outdoorsmen are just some of the terms I would use to describe myself. I also consider myself as a motorcycle racer trapped in a computer engineers body.


I'm a devoted technologist to everything Cloud, actually a Cloud junkie. I'm either researching new features, writing code for Docker or Cloud Foundry, or comparing new features with out competitors.  You can catch me attending OpenStack meetups, Docker events, or just about anything with Cloud in the title.

I currently work for Swisscom as a Cloud Advocate/Architect. Our products include Cloud Products (shocking I know) such as Dynamic Computing where all data is stored in Switzerland and out of legal reach from the NSA. I architect features and investigate new technologies for the Swisscom Cloud.

My Docker Presentations

I'm very involved in various Docker projects and communities. Have a look at my latest DockerCon EU presentation about Docker Monitoring:

Connect with Brian

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Twitter - @idomyowntricks
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